Hello and welcome to Asia Town Constance!

The Far Eastern cuisine is known for its colourful, diverse and very healthy dishes. With our concept, you have the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey and taste the delicacies from East and Southeast Asian countries. With your wellbeing in mind, we put our effort and love in all our freshly made dishes every day.

At Asia Town we offer you the „Buffet-Sushi-Teppanyaki“-concept:

The buffet: You’ll find, among other things, Vietnamese summer rolls, Chinese fried egg noodles and of course a variety of Sushi creations as a representation for the Japanese cuisine. Both appetisers and desserts are well covered. Please check our menu for more suggestions. 

The Sushi part: We are really proud to present you one of our highlights: our great sushi varieties which we owe to our Sushi head chef. Sushi lovers, we won’t disappoint you!

The Teppanyaki Grill – the very special experience: „Teppan“ is Japanese and means  „hot plate“. In addition to the ready-to-serve buffet dishes, will grill your chosen food on an iron griddle (the teppanyaki grill) right in front of you. For this we offer a wide selection of fresh seafood, vegetables and meat. Of course, a vegan version is possible as well.

The restaurant itself offers lots of space and seating for about 200 people. It is divided into the following three main areas: the bar, the buffet and the area for the Teppanyaki experience.

The Asia Town is located in the city center of Konstanz, a two-minute walk from the LAGO shopping center and a five-minute walk from the main station. You can use the parking facilities around town, which are also within a three to five minute reach.